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EA FC 24: Five Desired Features in the Career Mode Deep Dive!

EA Sports has officially confirmed EA FC 24, revealing exciting new branding for the game. The much-awaited first full reveal of EA FC 24 has brought forth a host of new features.

Among the major announcements, the introduction of women's football in Ultimate Team takes the spotlight, accompanied by fresh ways to build your Ultimate Team, innovative game mechanics, and more.

EA FC 24 Men & Women's Ultimate Team:

The inclusion of women in Ultimate Team is now official, marking a significant step forward since both male and female players contribute to building the ultimate team. With both men's and women's football integrated into Ultimate Team, players can create the best XI with 50% of the game now featuring women's football. Key highlights of this groundbreaking addition include:

New Competitions:

EA SPORTS FC™ 24 introduces six new competitions to the Ultimate Team player pool.

Unprecedented Player Pool: The expansion to the player pool in Ultimate Team history offers access to an even wider range of players from various women's football leagues.

Enhanced Squad Building: With the addition of new competitions, players now have more squad building possibilities, enabling them to create a unique Ultimate Team that reflects their vision and style of play.

Female Icons & Heroes:

The inclusion of female superstars as Icons and Heroes in EA FC 24 brings an exciting development to the game. While Chinese female superstar Sun Wen's appearance as an Icon or Hero was initially anticipated, a recent leak suggests her replacement by Japanese legend Homare Sawa.

In addition, USA legend Mia Hamm is set to be featured as an icon in EA FC 24, as officially confirmed by EA.

Alex Scott, the first female commentator in FIFA 22, is now confirmed as a Hero in EA FC 24. Her role as an EAFC 24 ambassador has also been officially announced.

Hypermotion V:

EA FC 24 introduces the next level of realism with "Hypermotion V." This cutting-edge technology captures volumetric data from over 180 professional men's and women's football matches, resulting in authentic full-team movement and 1,200 signature run styles that accurately depict the unique movements of top players on the pitch.


Pro Clubs has undergone an exciting rebranding as "Clubs" in EA Sports FC 24. The new mode brings highly anticipated features that players have eagerly awaited.

Career Mode:

EA Sports FC 24 brings significant enhancements to both Player Career and Manager Career modes. These exciting changes immerse players in immersive and dynamic career experiences. Whether players seek to shape their destinies as players or guide a team to success as managers, the game offers enhanced and engaging journeys filled with unprecedented features and opportunities for personalization.

All the Classics:

As expected, classic modes will return in FC 24, with some requiring name changes due to the split from FIFA.

FC 24 Concepts:

In anticipation of the FC 24 release, the "FC 24 Concepts" series proposes realistic and necessary changes that could elevate the game to new heights. This ongoing series aims to present ideas that Electronic Arts could incorporate into the game for an even more captivating experience.

As we await further updates, we can look forward to finding out more about career mode features in the near future.



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