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Welcome to FC Pack Opener, where soccer meets strategy in a no-frills gaming experience. Open player packs, craft squads, and face off against real competition in gritty tournaments. Win cups, complete your trophy collection, and take on Squad Builder Challenges (SBC) for bragging rights. Key Features: 🔓 Pack Opener: Experience the thrill of opening diverse player packs - Premium Icon, Premium Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Strengthen your squad with top players and take control on the field. 🔨 Squad Builder: Show off your tactical skills by building your ultimate soccer squad. With a vast player pool, create a team that suits your style. Outwit your opponents and dominate the pitch with a strategic lineup. 🏆 Tournaments and Trophies: Test your mettle in intense tournaments against other teams. Strive for glory, win cups, and rise through the ranks to become the undisputed champion. Build your trophy collection and leave your mark in soccer history. 💪 SBC: Squad Builder Challenges: Embark on a rewarding journey with Squad Builder Challenges. Tackle in-game tasks, prove your managerial skills, and unlock cool rewards. Can you conquer the challenges and lead your team to greatness? FC Pack Opener offers a straightforward soccer experience, blending Pack Opener excitement with Squad Builder strategy. Download now and step into the arena. Lace up your boots for some real soccer action!



Exciting News! Unveiling the latest FC 24 update – Your gateway to crafting cutting-edge Ultimate Team (FUT) card designs is finally here! Unleash your creativity with personalized FC 24, FUT 23, and FUT 22 card designs. Seamlessly incorporate your own images and effortlessly sculpt a unique design. Tweaking stats is a breeze – just a tap away! Explore over 200 nationalities and teams, offering a plethora of options to elevate your design game. Have Fun With Three Thrilling Modes: Create Mode: Craft your own customizable FC 24, FUT 23, and FUT 22 card designs with ease. Add your picture and tailor the stats to your liking – it's that simple! Guess the Player: Put your football knowledge to the test! Dive into the exciting "Guess the Player" mode and challenge yourself to identify top football stars. Guess the Team: Test your team recognition skills in the thrilling "Guess the Team" mode. Can you identify clubs from around the world? Save your creations to the gallery and share the fun with friends! Unlock a treasure trove of iconic cards such as FUT Heroes, FUT World Cup Heroes, Team of the Year (TOTY), Icons, Heroes, Player of the Month (POTM), Team of the Week (TOTW), and other special editions within the game! Please note that this application is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts Inc. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.



Create FUT cards. Add your photo. Background is removed automatically. Share. Create FUT Teams. Add your created FUT Cards. Share. FUT Card Creator 23 is the app any FUT fan should use. + Access all the players in the game + Add your own photo, or your cat's or your dog's + Don't stress about removing the background. The app does this automatically + Create your FUT Team with your FUT players of choice. No restrictions. + Create any number of FUT cards and FUT teams Football Lover Games is proud to offer you the freedom to enjoy FUT on you mobile device. From the creators of Football Club Manager (FCM), comes the brand new FUT Card Creator. Support for the upcoming years is guaranteed, so you can freely create your personalised FUT Cards with the latest assets.