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Why FIFA Mobile is bad...

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

EA Sports, the developers behind the notorious FIFA franchise, are well known among gamers for their unfair practices and for their lack of love towards their own players, preferring to sacrifice anything for a couple of dollars.

Nothing changes when it comes to FIFA Mobile, EA's take on providing iOS and Android users with a console-like football game experience.

Reddit is full of people complaining about their experiences with the game, but what is it really that outrages the series fans?

Problem with Game Modes in FIFA Mobile

In FIFA Mobile you will play in the following game modes: VS Attack, Campaign, Events, Events and Head to Head.

FIFA fans are used to play more traditional game modes like: Seasons, Pro Clubs and FUT (FIFA Ultima Team). While the game modes in the mobile version of the game have similarities with the legacy console game modes, the overall game experience is nothing near what fans are expecting.

Hell, you can't even play a normal 90 minute full match! You are restricted to a scenario based gameplay where you are given the ball possession at certain times and you must score. Of course, you also need to defend from time to time.

Can you play real-time matches in FIFA Mobile?

No. It's fake, you are not playing against anyone, you are just playing against AI. FIFA Mobile tries to trick you into thinking you are matched with a real-life human, but, in reality, you are playing against the bot. It is easy to verify this:

  • There is no lag

  • Matchmaking always happens fast and lasts the same amount of time

  • If you exit the app and re-enter it after a couple of seconds, nothing changes, you pick up right where you left off

Anyway, is FIFA Mobile any fun?

I don't find it enjoyable. The gameplay is very boring, all shots and goals look the same. You do the same thing over and over again. The graphics are way beyond the competition. Dream League Soccer is miles ahead when it comes to presentation.

I must warn you that when you first launch the game, you must complete a never-ending string of tedious tutorials. That also contributes to a lower fun score.

The menu design is uninspired and the overall user interface is hard to navigate. Providing that you will spend quite some time inside the menus, this may be a turn-off factor for many.


I can't tell you not to try FIFA Mobile, but I wouldn't recommend anyone to jump in the game with high expectations. It is nothing like the console version you may be already used to and it is important to remember that you cannot play a normal full match! So don't make the mistake I did, playing the game for about an hour, hoping I would unlock the ability to play a full match, because it won't happen.

Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully you found it useful.

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