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Top Football Shooting Games (Android/iOS) - Late 2021

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Football shooting games are popular among football games fans on mobile devices, mainly because of their short match duration and quick multiplayer capabilities.

They are usually jump-in and shoot at goal or defend your opponents free kicks.

Some may have extra game modes like target shooting or sudden death, a mode in which you are not allowed to miss any shot.

Play Store and App Store have plenty of options when it comes to football shooting games. Here is my list of games that I think are worth your time, so you won't have to install any poor apps yourself until you find what's right for you.

Football Strike - Multiplayer Soccer

This one is easy to recommend. Miniclip is well known for their addictive multiplayer games and Football Strike is no exception. The consistent visuals and tight mechanics make it stand out from the rest. Even playing as the goalkeeper is enjoyable as you try to quickly understand the trajectory of your opponent's shot on goal.


  • Solid gameplay mechanics

  • Nice visuals and effects

  • Big amounts of customisation

  • Great UI and navigation

  • Manages to keep things fresh and rewarding

  • Updated regularly


  • You will get matched against overpowered opponents

  • Sometimes you play against fake AI opponents, but usually the game finds you a real opponent



Golden Boot - free kick soccer game

From the developers of the very popular Top Eleven 2021: Be a Soccer Manager, comes a new take on the football shooting game formula. Nordeus tries to achieve the same level of success with their free kicks game as with their own football manager. While the game has nice colourful graphics and a slick user interface, it could get better in the shooting controls department.


  • Good looking both on and off the pitch

  • Feels fresh in its genre

  • Free kicks are enjoyable

  • UI is easy to understand and pleasant to look at


  • The shooting controls can be improved

  • You cannot be the goalkeeper

  • You rarely play against real human opponents



Score! Match - PvP Soccer

First Touch Games, the creators of Dream Soccer League and Score! Hero launched a very courageous title. Score! Match puts you in the boots of a club manager and lets you decide what actions players will take in real time PvP matches. The game really has big ambitions and will surely offer some great moments, but it also has some problems.

You start by building your way up into the opponent's territory, and when you are close enough to the goal, you can shoot and try to score.


  • Unique game by all means

  • You shoot, pass, tackle, all in one game

  • Easy draw-to-shoot controls

  • Lots off possibilities on the pitch make the game interesting for a longer period of time

  • Visuals are nice to look at


  • Team building and transfer market are easy to forget

  • The game doesn't always allow you to do the passes or the shots you want without any good reason

  • Teammates will make very stupid runs that may cost you whole matches



Flick Goal!

Lions Studios released an unexpected surprise. Flick Goal! brings tons of fun, colourful and stylised levels. If you can get past the annoying ads, you will certainly enjoy shooting on goal in different scenarios like: dessert, urban jungle, stadium, back alley, basketball court and many more.

Pro tip: Instead of waiting for a video ad to play, force close the game and start it again. You will get faster into the action.


  • Great, easy to understand and predictable shooting mechanics

  • Levels, opponents, and obstacles come in many different looks and shapes

  • Good animations and a minimalist overall style

  • The levels with moving obstacles are really fun


  • Ads, ads, ads, ads... I agree they are way too many (but check out the pro tip above)



Final Kick: Online football

Ivanovic Games released a competitive football penalties shootout and free kicks game. In this game you can customise and upgrade each of the 5 players of your squad. You can play online in turn-based shooting matches, or you can practice offline, but this feature is free only for a limited amount of tries.

Overall the game is enjoyable and can get a bit addictive once you figure out how to use the controls.


  • Realistic graphics make up for an authentic experience

  • Winning feels rewarding

  • Many levels of customisation

  • The arcade vibe in the menus make it feel like a retro game, in a good way

  • Matches may have spectacular goals or goalkeeper saves


  • Steep learning curve

  • Very sensible controls when it comes to timing

  • Goalkeeping may depend too much on luck

  • Single player is hidden behind pay wall



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