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Football Club Manager 2022 ready to be released

We've been working hard to create a fun football game on mobile. The wait is almost over.

FCM 2022 is available for pre-order on iOS and Android.

FCM 2022 iOS link:

FCM 2022 Android link:

Win trophies and become the best Football Manager!

Transfer your top 11 players and build your own Ultimate Team!

Football Club Manager unites players around the world in an addictive game.

Compete with others in online football challenges!

Football Club Manager key features:

+ Create your own club

Pick any league: English Football League, Spanish Football League, Italian Football League, German Football League or any other top league.

Choose your own football club colors and create your badge from scratch!

Design your team's kit in every possible detail!

+ Dream ultimate team

Always transfer the best players for your team.

Pick the best football players from any important country in football: England, Spain, Germany, Italy, USA and many more!

Choose your preferred tactic and improve your team's chemistry!

+ Interactive Training

Show off your juggling skills in a one of a kind kick-ups mini-game!

Test your football management skills with a quick football memory mini-game!

Improve your football history knowledge with 200+ quiz mini-games!

+ Player Progression

Start with amateur players. Upgrade them constantly until they become world class talents!

+ Match simulation engine

Experience our gorgeous 2d match engine.

Take important match-day decisions, choose the right player for the right job.

+ Win trophies

Start your career in the Regional League and advance step by step to the elite of football.

The leagues included in the game are:

Regional League, Rivals Division 1 and 2, National Division 1, 2 and 3, Elite Division 1, 2 and 3, Championship 1, 2 and 3, Premier League 1, 2 and 3 and Legendary League.

+ Spy your opponents

Never jump into match-day unprepared. Send your personal spy and find out your opponent's strengths and weaknesses. A good football manager studies his opponents in advance.

+ Upgrade your club facilities

You're not alone! Train your staff in order to achieve high performances!

Your staff includes: attacking trainer, midfield trainer, defending trainer, goalkeeper trainer, talent scout, general manager, brand director, ticket sales manager and the accountant.

+ Leaderboards

Compare yourself with others! Compete in the following 6 leaderboards:

Most Trophies, Biggest Win, Biggest Loss, Kick-Ups Score, Memory Score, Quiz Score

+ Achievements

Measure your overall football management career by completing 40+ exciting achievements!

Football Club Manager is created by a passionate team of football lovers for a big crowd of football lovers. Every football fan wants to get immersed in their own football universe where they can build their own ultimate dream team and win as many trophies as they can.

We want to bring football management in the pockets of our users, so you can enjoy football at its best even on your phone, whenever you want, or on your commute, or even on your toilet.

Football games are great and we want to create the best football games we can. Our goal is to add Football Club Manager to your personal top football games list.

Best regards from the Football Lover team!

Football Club Manager 2022

Football Lover Games

Download Football Club Manager 2022 for FREE:

FCM 2022 iOS link:

FCM 2022 Android link:

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