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FIFA 22 Features - What to expect? (with videos)

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

The newest entry in the FIFA Series promises fans huge changes in both gameplay and visuals departments of the game. If you haven't lived under a rock, you already know FIFA fans' frustration when it comes to innovation in the series. Apart from the usual rooster updates and some gameplay tweaks, the series hasn't seen any major update for at least 3-4 years.

Will FIFA 22 deliver a fresh experience?

EA promises a lot of new animations, thanks to their HyperMotion Technology. EA promises new animations every year, but they are barely noticeable in the final product. Judging by the trailers they released, I think that this year chances are that they will make a difference, at least visually.

Animations seem to be the most advertised feature this year, and most probably they will make the game feel smoother and will offer more feedback to the players.

FIFA 22 Career Mode - Big Overhaul

Finally! What a big relief. The Career Mode in FIFA has been abandoned for years. In FIFA 18 and FIFA 19, EA introduced a lot of bugs trying to fix other bugs, while nothing else has really changed.

This year got me pumped with the Kit and Crest Customisation feature. Even if the customisation looks basic, I still love this feature and I am sure fans around the world will love it too.

Stadium Customisation is another big step forward. Again, after decades of waiting, the feature is finally in the game, players being able to customise even the pitch pattern!

These awesome customisation features in FIFA 22 remind me of the good old Pro Evolution Soccer games from two decades ago, where you could have done the exact same things.

The Player Career in FIFA 22 also sees some improvements. While Match Objectives, Player Growth, Levelling Up & Earning XP sound boring and won't change the game much, there are two new features worth talking about.

Skill Trees let you choose your own player growth path and become better in the areas you are most interested in. This is a light RPG element, and it will be very interesting if it makes any difference.

Players can also equip up to a maximum of three Perks before each match. Perks provide an additional performance boost on top of your Attributes and trigger automatically when certain conditions are met.

Examples of Perks:

  • Chance Creation: Boost Passing abilities for ALL teammates. Vision, Passing (Short/Long), Crossing, and Curve.

  • Attacking Support: Boost Attacking abilities for ALL teammates. Attacking Positioning, Finishing, Long Shots, and Shot Power.

  • Defensive Cover: Boost Defensive abilities for ALL teammates. Defensive Awareness, Interceptions, and Tackling (Stand/Slide).

Dressing Room Atmosphere is another addition to the Player Career in FIFA 22. It looks like nothing more than a bunch of cutscenes. Most probably they will quickly get repetitive.

Sadly, there aren't any big updates regarding FIFA 22 Transfer Market system, just some new negotiation cinematics.

FIFA 22 FUT Improvements

Apart from some boring updates like New Seasonal Progression and Weekly and Seasonal Rewards, there are two new features worth talking about.

FUT Stadium lets you show off in front of your opponents your unique style from pitch side to row Z, with a new VIP Area and enhanced crowd elements including Flags, Cards, and Banners that let you take your design to a whole new level. This feature is particularly cool as the stadium illustrates your progress inside FUT, so the better you are, the more cool accessories for your stadium you can afford.

Also, the die-hard fans, the most skilled players in world will have the opportunity to challenge themselves in a brand new division: Elite Division, which you can access after promoting from Division 1.


Once in 4-5 years, EA does release a big update to each of their sports games. This one may be it, hopefully. On paper, the features list looks promising, especially the updates in the Career Mode.

Thankfully, this year EA is expected to deliver a demo on 15th of September, while the full game launches on the 1st of October.

Hopefully you found this article useful. Kindly reminder: we are working on our own football game, called Football Club Manager, which will be also launched on the 1st of October on Android and iOS. It would help us a lot if you would subscribe to the newsletter on the bottom of this page so that you will be notified when the game is out.

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